I have a naturally addictive personality. Which is why i steer clear of hard core drugs, heavy drinking and smoking, however this leaves room for other sustances for me to abuse. Buying books and photography.

If i see a book i like, i HAVE to have it. Be it a fiction book or a journal or a diary.. i use the excuse that i am a writer so i have a good reason to be buying these books. A – For research and B – To place all my findings and ideas and stories and poems and notelettes down.

Photography is just a hobby for me. I’m not great, but i’m not wasting my time either, i enjoy it and that’s what matters. Even if it does suck my bank balance dry from time to time.

I have just discovered that a camera i saved from my Grandad’s wake over a year ago is actually quite a good camera. I had it sat on my shelf all this time, because it was retro looking, but heavy, metal and clumpy. I had never thought that i would ever get to use it. Now here i am looking  into buy all these different types of film to try out with it.

The camera is a Zenit TTL, an old USSR camera, 35mm and nick named the teddy bear tank.

The film i have loaded in it right now is just a £3 colour film. As my first film im not holding out much hope for anything to be of worth but its nice to have a play around with it and see what it can do. However i think i may need to put it on wheels! This thing is darn heavy!

What i want to do with this film is to take photos of things that make me happy. This shall be my happy adventure.

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