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so you’ve sat down with your laptop and your cup of tea and your scrolling through some interesting posts. you come across this one. maybe you are waiting for a train to see a loved one far away and you are passing the time by scanning articles on your iPad. or maybe you’re sat on the toilet taking a break from hectic life and looking at this post on your phone. But maybe, just maybe, you are one of the people that follow my blog, you get an email and it says i’ve written something new so you take a gander. wherever you are, whatever you are doing – thank you.

I posted a few weeks back that I was going to attempt to sell prints of my photography. this process has begun and I have set up a shop on etsy.com called 35mm photography. for the moment I am just listing standard prints of a few of my favourites, but should these sell, I will list more and branch out.

My Shop on Etsy. Click Here.

but before you all rush to go and look at what i have listed i wanted to give you something extra – a story of why and how i got into film photography.

she watched her grandfather scroll through his photographs on his computer. he held his hand out and she jumped onto his lap while the dog wiggled around by their feet. he began to show her the colourful scenes of flowers in the gardens. ever since her nan has passed away her grandad had been spending a lot of time with his camera. it was a canon 4 something, top of the range dslr and she looked at it with awe. from time to time he let her take candid snaps with it, letting her imagination have full control and learning about the bits and buttons as she went.

the day her grandfather passed away she thought of those times. she was given one of his old cameras as a momento. a zenit TTL film camera. to her it looked old and broken. she put it on her shelf to gather dust.

a year later after having studied at university for a couple of months she revisited that old zenit TTL. the man at the photography shop gave it a once over and put a roll of film in it. that day she took the camera out for a test run. when the prints came back, that was the day, the moment that sparked a life time passion for film.


I now shoot mostly on an Olympus OM1 and try to test out as many types of film as possible. shooting on film is fairly expensive these days compared to taking photographs on a digital camera. you pay for the film, then development and then get them printed and sometimes you get a real duff roll of film that you have to pay for. that can get you down and has often gotten me quite frustrated.

I am a regular at my local camera shop (Luton Camera Repairs), they have seen me at my happiest and saddest moments whilst playing with film. despite living in london now, I still go back to Luton with my cameras.

these days I have been playing around with developing the ilm myself. I’ve tried both colour and black and white and as you may imagine, colour is a giant pain in the backside. Even with Otis as my glamourous assistant, we still didn’t have enough arms. we have a cupboard in our kitchen that doubles as a darkroom. I wait until it is dark outside, turn all the lights off and climb inside to get the film out of its canister and into the developing tank. film is magic. its something that i highly recommend you try if you haven’t yet. i’ve even been buying my 4 year old niece disposable cameras to get her into analogue photography early! film is something that needs to be kept alive. help it. buy film not megapixels or if you don’t have time to shoot film, then help keep it alive and support film photographers.

my shop on etsy features some of my favourite prints for a mere price of 29.99. if you don’t like them or can’t afford them, that’s fine too. but maybe share it on your facebook page, on twitter or wherever and spread the love. i would be eternally grateful.

have a nice day you lovely people you!

My Shop on Etsy. Click Here.

35mm Observations


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<I shoot on 35mm film – if you are interested in supporting me on this journey and would like to buy a print – please leave a message with your email and I will send you a quote.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> American Dream

And then there was a distinct feeling that the world would never be the same again.

Le Desperado

They filtered out of the darkness with their hands in their pockets and their eyes in their shoes.


He lit a smoke and fingered the tube of Chanel lipstick. He left a bite mark on the lip of the coffee cup.

A Still Mind

Silence filled my ears. It was so loud it hurt my eyes.

Wonderland Woods

She skipped along the path and ran her fingers through the leaves. Birds danced in her hair.

Lincoln fields

The path disappeared beneath her feet. clouds replaced grass and words replaced sound.


Tears filled her eyes as people stared and stared at her but never truly saw her.


I gave my heart to the wind and watched it catch in the trees.



something just takes over and you can’t stop yourself your fingers flurry across the keyboard in such a rush that you don’t take into account any spelling mistaes or grammar. you are only human. all you see is colour and shapes and the sound of your heart is beating lively in your eyes like blood is pumping yelling going crazy boiling jumping like water in a pan.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Wallow by the Willow” By Carolanne Rose ’11 (Canon EOS 850)

I’ve given myself a little project. To keep my hands in the glitter pot and to keep creating. Now I have this full time job I rarely get to spend time just thinking about all the crazy cool cat stuff I want to make. But I have set myself a challenge, to Photo-fy everything. To take pictures, but not take ‘just’ pictures, to understand what I am doing. I want there to be a method to what I am doing.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Sandy Souls” By Carolanne Rose ’13/’14 (Holga)

All these photos were taken on film. I love the feel of the winder, to weight of the metal camera in my hands. I have used various different cameras and experimented with all types of film to see which I like best. But like the scatter brain I am, I am trying a new camera. I now have an Olympus OM -1N, loaded with Fuji Superia 400 so I am really excited to see what the results are.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Getting Merry” By Carolanne Rose ’11 (Holga using 35mm film)

I’m not really sure what the aim of this post was. To document my photography, maybe just to get back into the rhythm of writing again. If I go off of the rails then just go with the ride, lets take an adventure along the moonbeams of my mind?

The photo above of the Merry Go Round was taken on my holga. I actually manually adapted her with a few elastic bands, cotton wool and gaffe tape so that I could put 35mm film in. I love love love LOVE the results. The look like the inside of my head, like a dream, I feel I can really show were my thought process was lying when I take that photo. Of course it was hella difficult to take due to the fact that there was no numbers to let me know how many winds i had to turn to get to the next frame. A lot of that roll consisted of half frames just black. Light leaks were also a cheeky devil. The Gaffa tape was used to block out the majority but you can never really tell until you get it processed. I guess that’s what I love about film. The surprises.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“The Postman’s Bike” By Carolanne Rose ’11 (Pentax)

Ah. “The Postman’s Bike”. Why do I love this innocent looking photo I hear you question? Because I live in luton. I wanted to capture it before there were no wheels left. I joke! Luton really isn’t that bad. Can’t you tell from that photo? Everybody winges about how dreary and dull and bleugh Luton is, but having grown up here I would definitely disagree. There is beauty in every place, it’s just a matter of opinion.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“The Travel Series – Las Vegas” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Holga)

Last year a took a trip back to Los Angeles. I was really getting into my Holga in a big way. so much so that I nearly pee-ed with excitement when I walked into the 4 story photography shop near the Farmers Market in hollywood and I saw a whole section for Lomography.

The Travel Series is a little project I am working on – where I take 3 photos of a new place. there are no rules I can pick and choose. In fact I am really sad about the Las Vegas welcome sign because it was a gloriously sunny day … the down side to film, you’re never really sure on how the photo will turn out.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“The Travel Series – Santa Monica” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Holga)

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Perspective” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Zenit TTL)

“Perspective” is actually a fluke. I walked out across the road into my local woods and tried out this rusty old Russian camera that my Grandad had had. I wasn’t sure what I was doing at all, I just knew that I wanted to get some soft tones and explore texture. I’m super duper slam dunk chunk clive of peach pie happy with this set. The rest of the film was a pile of dog shit but I got these three out of it and for that I am grateful to the Russians.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Wish You Were Here” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Holga)

who stays in Orange county and doesn’t go to Disney land? Who? That day was all about letting the inner child wild and free.

I took the flowers out of my hair and grabbed the long strands of blonde fairy hair, took the knife and set my self free. Glitter and pixie dust floated to the ground, my wings fell off and I stepped out of  my comfort.

Next Stop on the bat shit crazy train: i’m going to write for you. A lovely short story that I have been working on.

Love, Peace and Sunshine sparkles from your Jah Love Blonde Angel Warrior.

Carolanne Rose.

Please note that all these photos and words are mind. If you want to use them, just give me a shout and I’m sure I’ll be more than happy to let you use them, just so long as you quote me as the beautiful blonde photo-taker ;)



I have a naturally addictive personality. Which is why i steer clear of hard core drugs, heavy drinking and smoking, however this leaves room for other sustances for me to abuse. Buying books and photography.

If i see a book i like, i HAVE to have it. Be it a fiction book or a journal or a diary.. i use the excuse that i am a writer so i have a good reason to be buying these books. A – For research and B – To place all my findings and ideas and stories and poems and notelettes down.

Photography is just a hobby for me. I’m not great, but i’m not wasting my time either, i enjoy it and that’s what matters. Even if it does suck my bank balance dry from time to time.

I have just discovered that a camera i saved from my Grandad’s wake over a year ago is actually quite a good camera. I had it sat on my shelf all this time, because it was retro looking, but heavy, metal and clumpy. I had never thought that i would ever get to use it. Now here i am looking  into buy all these different types of film to try out with it.

The camera is a Zenit TTL, an old USSR camera, 35mm and nick named the teddy bear tank.

The film i have loaded in it right now is just a £3 colour film. As my first film im not holding out much hope for anything to be of worth but its nice to have a play around with it and see what it can do. However i think i may need to put it on wheels! This thing is darn heavy!

What i want to do with this film is to take photos of things that make me happy. This shall be my happy adventure.