something just takes over and you can’t stop yourself your fingers flurry across the keyboard in such a rush that you don’t take into account any spelling mistaes or grammar. you are only human. all you see is colour and shapes and the sound of your heart is beating lively in your eyes like blood is pumping yelling going crazy boiling jumping like water in a pan.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Wallow by the Willow” By Carolanne Rose ’11 (Canon EOS 850)

I’ve given myself a little project. To keep my hands in the glitter pot and to keep creating. Now I have this full time job I rarely get to spend time just thinking about all the crazy cool cat stuff I want to make. But I have set myself a challenge, to Photo-fy everything. To take pictures, but not take ‘just’ pictures, to understand what I am doing. I want there to be a method to what I am doing.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Sandy Souls” By Carolanne Rose ’13/’14 (Holga)

All these photos were taken on film. I love the feel of the winder, to weight of the metal camera in my hands. I have used various different cameras and experimented with all types of film to see which I like best. But like the scatter brain I am, I am trying a new camera. I now have an Olympus OM -1N, loaded with Fuji Superia 400 so I am really excited to see what the results are.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Getting Merry” By Carolanne Rose ’11 (Holga using 35mm film)

I’m not really sure what the aim of this post was. To document my photography, maybe just to get back into the rhythm of writing again. If I go off of the rails then just go with the ride, lets take an adventure along the moonbeams of my mind?

The photo above of the Merry Go Round was taken on my holga. I actually manually adapted her with a few elastic bands, cotton wool and gaffe tape so that I could put 35mm film in. I love love love LOVE the results. The look like the inside of my head, like a dream, I feel I can really show were my thought process was lying when I take that photo. Of course it was hella difficult to take due to the fact that there was no numbers to let me know how many winds i had to turn to get to the next frame. A lot of that roll consisted of half frames just black. Light leaks were also a cheeky devil. The Gaffa tape was used to block out the majority but you can never really tell until you get it processed. I guess that’s what I love about film. The surprises.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“The Postman’s Bike” By Carolanne Rose ’11 (Pentax)

Ah. “The Postman’s Bike”. Why do I love this innocent looking photo I hear you question? Because I live in luton. I wanted to capture it before there were no wheels left. I joke! Luton really isn’t that bad. Can’t you tell from that photo? Everybody winges about how dreary and dull and bleugh Luton is, but having grown up here I would definitely disagree. There is beauty in every place, it’s just a matter of opinion.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“The Travel Series – Las Vegas” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Holga)

Last year a took a trip back to Los Angeles. I was really getting into my Holga in a big way. so much so that I nearly pee-ed with excitement when I walked into the 4 story photography shop near the Farmers Market in hollywood and I saw a whole section for Lomography.

The Travel Series is a little project I am working on – where I take 3 photos of a new place. there are no rules I can pick and choose. In fact I am really sad about the Las Vegas welcome sign because it was a gloriously sunny day … the down side to film, you’re never really sure on how the photo will turn out.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“The Travel Series – Santa Monica” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Holga)

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Perspective” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Zenit TTL)

“Perspective” is actually a fluke. I walked out across the road into my local woods and tried out this rusty old Russian camera that my Grandad had had. I wasn’t sure what I was doing at all, I just knew that I wanted to get some soft tones and explore texture. I’m super duper slam dunk chunk clive of peach pie happy with this set. The rest of the film was a pile of dog shit but I got these three out of it and for that I am grateful to the Russians.

Original Photos by Carolanne Rose Stanghan.

“Wish You Were Here” By Carolanne Rose ’13 (Holga)

who stays in Orange county and doesn’t go to Disney land? Who? That day was all about letting the inner child wild and free.

I took the flowers out of my hair and grabbed the long strands of blonde fairy hair, took the knife and set my self free. Glitter and pixie dust floated to the ground, my wings fell off and I stepped out of  my comfort.

Next Stop on the bat shit crazy train: i’m going to write for you. A lovely short story that I have been working on.

Love, Peace and Sunshine sparkles from your Jah Love Blonde Angel Warrior.

Carolanne Rose.

Please note that all these photos and words are mind. If you want to use them, just give me a shout and I’m sure I’ll be more than happy to let you use them, just so long as you quote me as the beautiful blonde photo-taker ;)